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Our program is a human angle Docu- Magazine type program broadcast prime time across most of the African continent. It highlights and celebrates Africans of repute and rarity; cultural Icons, Leaders, Technocrats, etc. It also exposes certain salient and unique non- human qualities of the continent as well and these might include sceneries, landmarks, occasions, wildlife and other natural occurrences. The program is not confined to non-current issues and might therefore spotlight news worthy foci as such special demands might require it to.

ALL EYES ON AFRICA respectably brings information, education and entertainment to the homes and offices of millions of Africans, Europeans and North Americans variously, three to four days every week. It targets the social class and the family especially and it is completely apolitical, non-ethnic, non-religious, culturally very relevant television programming. It seeks to reassure of the future individual and corporate greatness, relevance and aptness of the African and of the African continent consequently.
Our Mission is to broadcast the true story of Africa through our professional talents both in the IT and Media and internal sources

Our Pitch
We appreciate the special needs that frontline companies like yours have for reaching and adequately impressing your existing and prospective patrons especially the demography indicated above as our target audience! We wish to exploit this unique connection to persuade your interests in participating with us in the realisation and broadcasting of ALL EYES ON AFRICA. We are convinced beyond doubt that ALL EYES ON AFRICA comes to you with inbuilt designs and capacity to directly and/or remotely stimulate interests that must translate to the greater patronage of your services and products.

Leverage and Mileage
Your open association with and support for ALL EYES ON AFRICA will underline your company’s friendly disposition to the social advancement of all Africans! It puts you directly in the picture of the hope and vision of greatness that we all are helping to build. This invariably puts you squarely in that envisaged future! Your association with us, when your trademarks and other symbols are regularly shown during the commercial intervals on ALL EYES ON AFRICA, marries your vision and poise to ours and together, we become the harbingers of the better prospects of Africa’s future. Your trademarks and other corporate symbols will therefore acquire an increased recognisability throughout Africa. There is no better way to promote your company’s positive image than this. ALL EYES ON AFRICA affords this possibility for you by bringing you to the rapt attention of the teeming millions of her ardent viewers time and time again every week across at least three continents – at the most conservative, reasonable and effective costs!

We will be happy for your consideration of the following possibilities:

Blanket Fiscal Sponsorship: In this special mode, you may make regular periodic financial payments to us for the placement of your company’s TVCs during the commercial intervals of ALL EYES ON AFRICA in the usual conventional manner. We will be obliged by the opportunity to agree with you on the exact positioning of your TVCs during the global, regional or the Nigerian local broadcasts of the program. You will appreciate the advantages of this mode in the freedom to introduce new TVCs on ALL EYES ON AFRICA, the possibility it offers you to perhaps associate with only a particular or some particular segments of ALL EYES ON AFRICA that might interest you more, etc. In this mode, we will dutifully compliment your support and esteemed association with the reasonable and ethically appropriate amount of verbal mentions and hyping of your company or your products and services. All our literary media will also carry and portray your sponsorship to the exactly the right extents. All of the technical measurements of this will form the basis of our prior agreements.

Partial Fiscal – Batter Mode: This mode offers you the possibility of providing us the required level of sponsorship grant partly in monetary terms as well as by others means – usually the complementation of the fiscal grant with some services or products that you provide or produce- as the case might be. In this mode, you will enjoy all the above (a) mentioned advantages and benefits because this mode, while not being in any way less in value than (a) above, also affords you the additional benefit of greater proximity to (and possibly, some reasonable and appropriate amount of visibility in) ALL EYES ON AFRICA.

Full Batter Sponsorship: In this mode, your fiscal obligations to the program are translated completely into services and put at the disposal of the program.

The reach and patronage of television across Africa in recent times has continued to appreciate. The chief reasons for this have been to a large extent, the embrace of technology as well as the changing fortunes of Africans brought about by burgeoning democracies and education. Television is thus today, the most applicable medium of popularising businesses and other concepts. Television is made better in this consideration, by the aptness of the properties of individual programs and the appeals they carry. ALL EYES ON AFRICA is the identity of the emerging Africa – the Africa of tomorrow! The ways in which ALL EYES ON AFRICA appeals to the widest cross section of the contemporary Societies of Africa are legion. We are convinced that your impending association with us will speedily register you as one of Africa’s preferred businesses beyond the doubt and within a reasonably short time too.

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